Portals provide a first-class way to render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component, but sometimes it’s over complicated to implement

React is a nice framework that provides us with many tools to develop amazing applications, one of them is “Portals”. Portals are a way of rendering a component outside the actual place were the component is loaded in the app.

When you want to render something over your whole application…

We needed a simple way of saving React components into a database and load them dynamically on our applications

At Comtura we are using React to develop all our applications. At some point this year we realized we needed a simple way of saving components into a database with its properties and load them dynamically on our applications when needed.

Found some good tutorials in the internet but no…

I’m developing a personal project using Angular 9. It’s been a really good experience but sometimes it takes some time to figure out some things, or how to work with observables and make the most of the tools Angular already give us without reinventing the wheel. …

In this article I’ll show you how to implement local storage without getting the error:

ERROR ReferenceError: localStorage is not defined

This happens because using Angular Universal for Server Side Rendering, the Angular app runs in both the Nodejs server and the client browser. At this point, the server app…

Santi Barbat

Argentinian expat developer living in London

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